Seven Tension States


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Seven Tension States (2019) in Seven Tension States, using Jacques Lecoq “7 levels of tension”, The Ensemble (MA Performance and Choreography students) and Amalia collaborated for a week to explore the creation of new movement by becoming curious of familiar patterns and aiming to go beyond them.


Stage Director and Choreographer
Amalia Garcia

Performance and choreography by 

MA Performance and Choreography students at the University of Bedfordshire 2019 cohort.

Scenographer/Film maker
Amalia Garcia

Costume designer
Amalia Garcia

Lighting Designer
Alex Perry

Violin Concerto in E Minor – “Il favorito” – Vivaldi; Viola d’amore Concerto in A minor – Vivaldi; Sam Lowry’s 1st Dream; Hable Con Ella – El Pele & Vicente Amigo.

Amalia Garcia

Technical master
Alex Perry

Amalia Garcia

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©2020 Amalia Garcia