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Hear and Now: Suits and Balloons


Hear and Now: Suits and Balloons (2019) Hear and Now is an award-winning, intergenerational community creative project developed over the past ten years by the Philharmonia Orchestra and Orchestras Live in Bedford. The project takes place in the multicultural Queens Park area, with the Tibbs Dementia Foundation’s Music 4 Memory (a singing group for people living with dementia and their carers) and Fusion Youth Singing (a teenage vocal/instrumental ensemble) as the core local partners. In 2019, a new collaboration with University of Bedfordshire will incorporate dance, movement and film into the creative process. Over five weekends the group worked with composer and conductor Tim Steiner, and performance artist Amalia Garcia, to create a full-length multidisciplinary performance that was shared at the University of Bedfordshire in November 2019.  


Performance artist and Choreographer
Amalia Garcia

Performance by 

Tim Steiner, Philharmonia Orchestra, Orchestras Live in Bedford, Tibbs Dementia Foundation’s Music 4 Memory, Fusion Youth Singing and University of Bedfordshire graduates Marta Beccatini, Hayley Lemon and Quang Hoang.


Musical Director
Tim Steiner

Scenographer/film maker
Amalia Garcia

Costume designer
Amalia Garcia

Lighting Designer
Jamie Spirito and Alex Perry

Tim Steiner with the Philharmonia Orchestra.

Amalia Garcia


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