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Daring Beauty


Daring Beauty (2014) in Daring Beauty Year 3 Performing Arts students and Amalia Garcia worked together for eight weeks with the aim of exploring dance theatre approaches to performance. The piece is a journey through the students autobiographies, explored within an open and creative environment. Throughout the creative process, they delved into a personal and reflective journey and this is us sharing the last stop of this process with you.


Stage Director and Choreographer
Amalia Garcia

Performance by 

Rebecca Lawson, Jake Lydiatt, Alex Stewart, Heather Bonner, Alicia Donovan, Jack Luther, Chelsie Goodwin, Sam Rawlins, Calesha Shogbamimu, Eliza- beth Aigbehinmua , Paige Wilson-Lawrence, Chandni Mistry, Nikade Sahel, Janis Abols, Cydnie Allen, Matthew David, Josh Betchette, Michael Hidalgo, Amanda Syngajewski, Viny Menga, Sophie Moy, Abigail Moultrie, Tracey Richards, Darryl Ebbs, Cherelle Johnson- Williams, Sam Perry


Scenographer/Film maker
Amalia Garcia

Costume designer
Amalia Garcia

Lighting Designer
Alex Perry


Gloria RV589: Laudamus te - Vivaldi

Goldberg Variations, BWV 988: Aria — Glenn Gould 

All You’re Going To Want To Do Is Get Back There- The Caretaker Aero 3/4 — Julian Swales

Martha’s Dream – Nick Cave and Warren Ellis

Amalia Garcia

Technical master
Alex Perry

Amalia Garcia

(To watch the full production, click here)

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