Amalia has been engaging with performing arts within an educational context for 15 years, ranging from community settings at a national and international level, undergraduate degrees to postgraduate degrees and as an independent and collaborative dance artist.  

This has helped Amalia find herself as a creator/teacher/facilitator and to become aware and embody her personal and unique educational practice. Amalia is passionate about an inclusive and creative approach to education at all levels. She aims to combine her experience and facilitative skills, in a way that offers the student an experience that embeds learning deep within the body as well as within the mind, aiming to support students’ growth in a safe and creative environment.


As a Dancer/Performer/Maker, Amalia finds the most exciting aspect of teaching performance within Performing Arts and Dance training the opportunity to explore and facilitate creativity in others from a learner centered perspective. She believes in creative approaches and non-hierarchical structures within the learning environment, subscribing to theories of embodied cognition (Claxton, G 2015) and emphasizing learning through doing, and intelligence of the body. Her experience of teaching from this perspective increases the success and well-being of the students and in turn her own well-being. 

Amalia responds to the needs of the students and their learning preferences, acknowledging where particular students need additional help to find their own expertise and success.  She believes in Robinson’s theories of every person finding their ‘element’ and believes her role is to assist and facilitate the students in doing so (Robinson, K. 2010).  

Amalia aims to create a permission giving space where students feel safe enough to explore many aspects of their creative processes. Her creative practice includes recent developments in body, voice and breath work from leading practitioners working in the arts as well as new approaches to working with performance, film and phenomenology. This has resulted in the students taking on more of the role of researchers into processes which occur within the body. She aims to free her practice of outdated approaches of ‘getting it right’ and transform the learning environment into one that embraces diversity and an intrinsic respect for each individual’s learning pathway.

Participants general feedback experiencing Amalia's practice is that it expands their self-awareness and capacity to listen to others. Many have shared that the delivery of the body, voice and breath work has been transformative in their personal process.

Amalia has become increasingly interested in the idea of Dance Theatre as a transformative experience. She teaches European Dance Theatre and the work of Pina Bausch within a unit called ‘Innovations’ where most of her creative work generates from. The unit uses Dance Theatre approaches and structures to work safely with individual personal journeys, facilitating students to support each other in creative processes towards greater understanding of themselves as performers and self-leadership. She facilitates experiential learning as an on-going and developmental process within teaching sessions, and encourages self-reflection and peer reflection to enable students to develop awareness of their own creative journeys, and in particular the aspects of themselves in role as performers. As a result, students feel they have gained greater compassion for their own personal process, as well as the capacity to find greater clarity and presence as performers and makers.

“Amalia’s expertise and enthusiasm for the topics she teaches is a real strength. This allows the students to completely trust her and fully engage with the learning tasks. Amalia is able to deliver excellent workshops which allows the students to engage with quite complex theories but through an embodied process of learning.”(Colleague testimony)

“Amalia has something extremely natural and inspiring in her ability to engage students. I think this comes from her experience and knowledge of the dance
industry. She offers an alternative insight to contemporary performance that is particular to her own style and preference. I think Amalia provides something unique to her students as a result of her immersion in the professional industry. Amalia has always shared her experiences of workshops, classes and professional performances, she has adapted these experiences within her teaching. This has meant that her content is always fresh and up to date with
the current industry, which gives her students an insight to the
professional world.” 
(Student testimony)

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